Service Warranty, Thirty (30) Days

Good to Know

Take Your Time

WhySphere will continue to accept free quotes as valid -- as long as -- you respond within seven (7) days from the date that the QuickQuote© was sent to you. For the most part, we bid using a per-page, per-feature requirements analysis.

Service Warranty

What if there are issues with the work?

WhySphere provides thirty (30) days of Service Warranty, that is, if there is an issue and you report it within thirty days of noticing it during any of the four stages, WhySphere will provide all Service at no additional charge; travel time, out-of-pocket expenses, and third-party fees may still be billed.

Development Stages

The four stages are the initial demonstration, the beta-testing stage, the alpha-testing stage, and finally, the successful launch of your business website.

Good to Know

Businesses Only

Small Businesses Preferred

A signed contract and deposit are required to start every project. For large projects, the four development stages are billed as progress payments; final payment is expected once all work is completed and approved by you. For small projects, the stages of work completion are compressed into three: project start, demonstration, and launch. Progress payments of one-third (33%) are billed at each of these compressed stages and due on receipt.

Taxes, Delivery Charges, and Miscellaneous

All applicable taxes are extra, of course. While most things can be exchanged through email, delivery charges and travel time (if necessary) are also extra. Domain name registration fees and bandwidth overages, which are never included in a quote, are additional charges too. These conditions apply to our fixed-price quotes.

Selling Online

For ecommerce development, bank fees, online transaction processing fees, and payment gateway charges are billed by your bank/vendor to you, and of course, are paid by you.