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Your Website

How do I start?


WhySphere can name, design, develop and host your business website. Our comprehensive project request form lets you specify the details of your website project so that we can estimate the price with a free QuickQuote©.

Made in Canada

Or, you can contact us at our Toronto office and arrange to send your corporate identity portfolio to us. From there, we can start discussing your project.

Corporate Identity

What is a Corporate Identity?

Your Corporate Identity is your business's name, logo, font, colours, and layout. You use a corporate identity to deliver a consistent experience (emotional or not) between your customers and your business's brand.

What happens next?

Most often WhySphere bids on business projects on a fixed-price basis. You can review our no obligation, free QuickQuote at your convenience. As long as you respond within seven days, the quote remains valid. See our Good To Know section for more details.